Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Keep your eye on the prize!

I find keeping my eye on the prize goes a long way towards helping me reach my goal! Remember focus on what you want to accomplish and, with any luck , your wish will come true.


Jamie said...

Great advice and love the pic. That was too cute!

Scarlett said...

WOW! HI there!

Your darling Molly is VERY well behaved it looks like!!

Michaelangelo really has very strong hunting traits in him! I cannot really take him off leash anywhere, (unless it's enclosed for him to run) because he will dart after any squirrels or other little rodent animals! He seems to turn off my voice when he is in hunt mode!!! Did you have a hard time dealing with this? Any advice?

I know he really needs more thourough training. I want to take him to the JRT "fun days" that happen around the area where we live (we are in portland oregon & there are trails and such are usually up in washington, about 50 miles or so away!) but my boyfriend says he is not ready, he needs more behavior training to LISTEN!! We took a class through petsmart, but i want to do more intense training with him.

Having Michaelangelo has really, really changed me, I adore him so so so much! He is my little baby! (now that my baby is 19!! lol!)

I want to work from home again (he sleeps on my feet!) or be able to take him to work with me, which I am not able to do now....I'm can't WAIT to get home to him everyday! I can't tell you how much I wish I had him with me aaaaaaallllllll day long! I live for the weekends when we can trek around on our huge Mt. Tabor and hike all the trails, he truly is an adventuredog!! Thanks for your darling blog, that is sort of what Michael's started out to be!! A sort of view of life from the adventuredog perspective!! ;)

Ya'll take care!
Michael & his mamma

PS are you in north carolina? i used to live in wilmington!

The Husky in the Window said...

Did you get some of that? You got to go out to eat? Wow! That had to be fun.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Ali said...

What a great photo, I'm just wondering how long she sat there before she pounced!

noa said...

That is and adorable picture!