Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jealousy rears its ugly head!

Jealousy! I have figured out something important. Look at the word jealousy, notice the second part of the word is lousy! I think that is perfect since feeling jealous can make you feel lousy. Here I must say I was a little jealous. Hey, my lady is the photographer, why didnt I make the cover, look how much better I would have been there!

I got to thinking that at least I got 12 pictures of myself in the book! Here is Tink , also in the book. She is sporting a new hat from the one in the book.

This is Lettie who is also in the book. It was fun seeing dogs that my lady photographed a while back!
Now I am not jealous. I am happy I have so many pics in the book, and who knows , maybe the next book will have me on the cover. I can only hope!

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