Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Unlike some members of the family, I rarely take naps. Pilgrim on the other hand is often found snoozing.

Of course it would help if the lady would just put the camera down so I could get a snoozzzze


bonnie said...

Well, it appears that you and I share a common mind with zzzzzzz. I threatened to photograph my husband who represents the letter better than anyone I know. Every night at 9:00 he is overcome with zzzzzzzz while watching a movie, doing a puzzle, even being with company. Snoooozzzzze. (He refused to allow me to publish, can you blame him)?

jan said...

Sometimes uninitiated people think we are napping, but we are always alert. Watchdogs and cats never sleep.

AVCR8TEUR said...

That is so cute sleeping in the hamper. Luckily ours is too steep for him to get into.