Wednesday, August 27, 2008


At my house , the word squirrel has been shorted to SQ, the humans really think I have no idea what that means but of course I do. The other day I was up in the lady's office, sound asleep. I suddenly knew it, there were squirrels out in the back yard. It took the lady a while to believe me, or at least give in to my insistent barking. When she let me out the back door, she acted shocked that there were actually squirrels in the yard. As I took off after the buggers, she stood there shaking her head, trying to figure out how I knew they were there!

Nothing better than a rainy fall day for chasing SQs!
Check out my friend Simbas blog about squirrels, there is a really funny pictures of squirrels with light sabers !

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Simba said...

BOL! thanks for the shout out!!