Sunday, September 14, 2008

Watch out for Evil Cat Attacks! Attacked while Jumping!

Here I am , obeying the lady's wishes which today happened to be doing retrievals over a jump.

Everything is going fine. I am doing my jump that the mister always asks the lady why she wants me to jump such a small fence when i clear it by so much.

I bring her the toy everytime, but I am now noticing that Evil cat Pilgrim has come over to watch the action. When we train at lunch he always comes over and usually lays under my jump which means I have to worry about him clawing at me while I jump.

While it might look like I am running out on this jump, I am merely taking evasive action while still obeying the lady,note Pilgrim was waiting for me on the other side of the jump .

Attack, see why I call him the Attack Cat?

I had to drop my toy and tell him to knock it off!

The lady came and removed him from the training area and I got back to obeying her commands. Sometimes training means having to ignore what you can, and removing what you can't!

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AntoVet66 said...

It's simply super!
I love terriers!