Friday, January 22, 2010

Coats arent for Sissies!

I am always amazed how people, especially people with big dogs, comment on my coat.

They act like I must be a sissy to wear a coat

I wish I could tell them to go get their physics book out.

Small dogs loose heat quicker than big dogs.

Us small dogs need our coats, they help us stay out and fun longer

The best shape for retaining heat is round and you can see I am not round.

So when you see a small dog in a coat, don't snicker, I see plenty of large dogs in coats too!

My favorite coats are from Foggy Mountain Dog Coats ,
I have had them for years and they last and last!


Anonymous said...

Not to mention that, at your height, your belly is usually dragging against the snow, which would tend to chill you off faster... sheesh! People!
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Katie said...

My beale, jack russel mix, Roxy loves clothes too and wouldnt dare go outsidein the winter without a coat

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I often chuckle upon seeing a dog wearing the latest fashions from somewhere like LL Bean. I have put boots on my Siberian Husky before because their pads can get cold.