Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bears Watching!

It bears watching. I sit a lot of the day and keep watch over my home. I do my job, at least I try.
This morning,while it was still dark out, I got to frantically barking but no one paid attention. I finally gave up , ate my breakfast and went about my business.

When the sun got over the mountain the humans were shocked. Look what happened to the bird feeder! The dasterdly bruin bent the pole over to the ground and tried to get the bird seed. Thanks to my barking he fled the scene but the damage was done. If only humans would listen to us!
My advice is to just do the best you can, at least I saved the feeders from being ripped into pieces!

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Misty the alpha Poodle said...

Sometimes humans can be so obtuse. We try to warn them with our superior senses and they think they know more than we do.